Outpatient Clinics

Your doctor has referred you to the Breast Clinic - the full name is BreastHealth Mater. This may be because you have a breast lump, or because of another symptom such as discomfort, or a strong family history of breast disease.

When you attend the clinic you will be examined by a doctor at the clinic. The doctor may decide to refer you for some tests. This may involve spending time in the Radiology or X-Ray department. You might have a mammogram or breast ultrasound or both. You may also require a test which involve having a small needle put into the breast.

We aim to see all patients promptly and carry out all your tests in one day. Sometimes, there may be unavoidable delays, particularly of you require a number of tests. It is possible that you may need to spend most of the day at the hospital and you should make allowance for this. It is important that you arrive for your appointment on time and not too early as this could result in a longer stay for you at the clinic.

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