Electronic Cancer Referral

The NCCP has recognized the potential benefit to GPs of electronic cancer referral forms. The National Healthlink Project (hyperlink to www.healthlink.ie) and Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) have agreed to work with the NCCP on this project. There are two phases to this project.

Phase One

Healthlink are using the agreed NCCP cancer referral forms as templates for the electronic cancer referral form. The electronic form on the Healthlink site is exactly based on the paper form but quicker and easier to use. The electronic referral form goes directly to the relevant cancer team, who will respond within five working days. The patient will be seen within the usual time guidelines.

Phase Two

The NCCP has agreed with the four ICGP accredited software companies to build a number of national cancer referral forms into their GP Practice Software Management Software Systems. This will greatly improve ease of form completion for GPs. The four ICGP accredited software companies are as follows:

  • Helix Practice Manager
  • Healthone
  • Socrates
  • Complete GP

This is all part of the overall aim to ensure quick and easy referral for GPs to the relevant cancer service. The many benefits of electronic referral include:

  • Streamlining of the cancer referral process
  • Electronic cancer referral through the Healthlink system provides an automatic receipt that message has been sent successfully.
  • Response to electronic cancer referrals within five working days.
  • Secure transmission of confidential patient data (The Irish Data commissioner has recently raised concerns about the confidentiality of faxing of patient referrals)
  • The GP can provide relevant information more quickly, enabling the cancer teams to make a more informed decision
  • Improved communication between referring physicians and the medical facility
  • Better service quality for patients through improvement of information quality
  • Less time for routine tasks required
  • Efficient, future-safe IT infrastructure
  • Reduction in telephone enquiries

The National Healthlink Project is happy to work with your practice to facilitate this. They can be contacted on 353-1-8825606 or on E-mail: info@healthlink.doh.ie Further information is available on the National Healthlink Project website.

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