Breast Health Research - Mater

The Breast Health Research Group is a voluntory organisation set up to advance and support breast cancer resaerch in Ireland but in particular in the Mater Hospital campus.
Thanks to Ms Anne MacMahon a member of the multidisplinary breast cancer team the organisation started in 2002 when Anne responded to the good will of people she was aquainted with who had being diagnosed with breast cancer or knew somebody diagnosed with breast cancer.

Funds donated to the group from fundraising activities around the country has allowed this research group to establish, and since around € 140,000 has been donated.
Currently the fundraising still continues but under the aegis of the "large umbrella" of the Mater Foundation.

The breast health research group sponsors small clinical and bench research projects, aimed at exploring new techniques in the diagnosis, management and treatment of breast cancer. While the individual grants may be small the results so far have been enormous. The group has funded around three projects every year and the grants recipient has presented and published a number of international meetings and journals.

If you are interested in contributing to this group or running an event please contact Ms Anne Mac Mahon @ 0876472760 or email us on

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